Accelerate your Windows PC!

How does it work?

Test version (4,9 MB)

Full version ($ 29,95)

CasaMentis FastForward.IO makes your computer faster. Our program improves data accesses for Windows and shortens loading times, making your work process fluid and stress-free. There is no risk involved as your operating system will not be changed, and the program works without new or expensive hardware. Interested? Then go ahead and try it out!

No extra hardware

CasaMentis FastForward.IO requires no extra hardware.

No system modification

Windows will not be changed or “optimized” by CasaMentis FastForward.IO. Everything works as usual - only faster.

Accelerates old computers

CasaMentis FastForward.IO supports operating systems from Windows XP on and can be installed in 30 seconds.

Share with friends

The licensed version of CasaMentis FastForward.IO can be installed on up to three computers.


CasaMentis FastForward.IO always monitors itself and the operating system with SafeGuard.

SSD caching

CasaMentis FastForward.IO can also use SSDs for caching to give you an extra performance boost.